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Social media is a hangout for 2bn+ users on the internet – on daily basis. different ages, nationalities and interests. The probability that your client is out there is very high. To sell your product or service, you need to first segregate your audience out of the crowd, then correctly decide on the “When”, “How” and “What” to communicate to your prospects.

In a nutshell, this what we do in the agency. We do what it takes to bring real results that matter most to you and your business performance.

We rely on various technical and artistic methodologies and procedures to achieve this. We believe that bringing real results from marketing efforts is a science in itself.


The Approach

At the Digital Marketing Agency..

We take over your digital assets and make them ready to receive and segregate visitors and content consumers according to the various behaviors. We do this by applying a set of marketing technologies in a form of code snippets – all plugged in and optimized – to work seamlessly in your website or app. Analytics are handy in this stage to monitor closely the behavior of customers. We then optimize campaigns for the important events that are required.

Content Development

Content; visuals or text resembles your brand to the world. We create the right visuals in various creative rich-media contexts wrapped in the right script that reflects your brand and shine within your market

Community Management

Your audience inquiries, messages, and complains need to be well handled. After all, social media is probably the first interaction with your brand, so the experience must be optimum from their perspective.

A dedicated team of moderators are available for 2 shifts to cover day. night and peak times. Moderation rules and instruction are preset and explained during our briefing and ongoing.

In case of a specific type of correspondences or special campaign or event, we prepare the required multilevel call-flow and code it in a messenger BOT and it automatically takes care of the inquiries under our moderation team close monitoring.


The initial step is creating the strategy for the social media & Search Engine and setting the tone of voice to  communicate with your audience. The plan shall include everything from the approach, content, visuals and creative styles frequency of publishing, types of campaigns and time lines

Social Ads Management

Here is where things get critical. We deploy several strategies to make sure that the ads-spent and performance are optimized. We tend to be a bit savvy when it comes to ads spending but this comes from our obligations towards our clients.

All of the marketing activities should work homogeneously. The advertising plan is set to include all ads sources from social to search to GDN, all working together to achieve the maximum anticipated results.

From our work on social media

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a wholistic work-in-progress task that has to be well planned and built upright.

“It takes more than optimized keywords to make it to rank in search.”

The strategy begins with the final objective as our target. We start with the on-site SEO assessment, then our SEO and content team work closely together to study the most related keywords, fix issues like friendly URLs, appropriate content tags, SERPs aesthetics, content relationship to global objectives,…etc. Then we start to work on the offsite assessment and optimization

Moving ahead to the search and display ads to coronate the SEO work that’s been done and to generate the required traffic to the site to eventually generate sales and conversions.

The work is not done yet, we are just halfway. Reports & results assessments, and optimization is where the real magic happens.

Longtail keywords

Using various tools (some are manual) we do in-depth and profound research for quality audience keywords optimization

Attractive SERPs

First contact has to be a debut. We apply schema-markup to page content to show featured results in the results pages.

Crawler Friendly

You always get amazed, that some sites are closing the door in the face of the browser (by mistake). We check everything in the robots file to make sure content gates are correctly setup


Onsite SEO

We analyse the website’s structure, internal architecture & other key elements that are inevitable to onsite optimization.

Mobile Optimization

Availing apps for organic acquisition / engagement. Yup, showing apps content in results page & enticing downloads from within the SERPS.

Technical SEO Audit

Certified Google search experts will manage your campaigns and deploy / measure / optimize the required tweaks to make it a success, including Remarketing Techniques


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