Why Reels? We have normal videos already!

There is history.
In 2016, ByteDance launched TikTok to grab the attention of Gen Z and millennials across the globe.
This generation of youth is glued to their mobile handsets, hungry to consume and engage with content. Vertical, full-fledged videos are easier and make more sense to consume for those who spend most of their screen time on mobile devices.

In 2020 Instagram launched reels (followed by Facebook in 2021) to preserve their market share and retain their current user to spend more time on their platforms rather than on their rivals from China while mimicking a similar interface for engagement as TikTok.

Why Reels?
We have normal videos already!

Meta made it even more sense for content creators to make reels as their primary content type in their publishing strategy for the following reasons:
Reels are syndicated to users based on the AI algorithm, which goes beyond your followers and is leveraged with higher deliverability.
More features and playful tools are availed on reels including stylish text options, a poll tool, …etc.
Royalty-free music and audio to give your videos more live with options of re-use audio and the engaging stuff you see and use on Instagram
A very important feature is included in reels, which is the follow button which in turn increases the chance of people following the account if they are not already. Something more tempting for racers
in the followers’ frenzy, is the racetrack.

The link sticker is an important feature that you should leverage when creating your content piece (can only go to the link you add in your profile bio)

Tip: Stories can only reach and be watched by your followers, reels are there for everyone on the platform.