AI Technology! A Threat or an Opportunity?!

Many marketers are concerned and feel that AI technology is there to take their place. While Bard (now Gemini) the AI version from Google and ChatGPT of OpenAI does a pretty good job of creating text work in general and MidJourney in creating graphics, The idea creation is still far beyond the AI territory. Many will claim that yes (for now) and the time will come when this also will be part of the AI generative content job. Maybe, however as Gemini itself said when asked “How Gemini can replace a marketing agency” it answered, “Marketing often requires empathy, creativity, and strategic thinking, qualities that remain difficult for AI to replicate”.

Don’t get me wrong, we like AI technology very much, use it every day love the way it is evolving and can see how this can even help more in the future, however, we use it as leverage to deliver quick repetitive tasks faster, then we tweak and humanize the output to our flavor and to accurately deliver the correct message.

We have seen companies heavily relying on AI tools in their digital marketing. Here is what they do:
1- Gemini: Ask for an idea for a content series to cover 12 posts on a specific subject
2- Gemini: Generate the 12 posts captions
3- MidJourney: Create 12 visuals for the posts
4- Human: put the above in slides and give it to the publishing team to publish on social media

The task took a few minutes
The posts got no or mere engagements

The moral of the story is that: as a marketeer, leverage the power of AI to your favor, the technology is yet to mature and deliver a fully reliable output but coupling machine learning with the human touch will help you so much to nail what you do.

Here are some good uses of AI tools:

Compare your website to the competitor’s website to see where you lack optimization on your onsite SEO
Ask to write code (after all, this is the machine’s native language, so you can imagine how good will it be)
Similarly, it can debug your code
Re-write your article with a specific sophistication level (proofreading is essential) to validate the context.