The wrong website traffic and how to avoid

There is an old saying “Nothing is called a bad publicity”..

well, these days and specially when it comes to website traffic, there is actually is!

Beware of the wrong traffic you may get from affiliate marketing!

This will cost you a lot more than you think, Read this now!

Affiliate marketing is a source of traffic and should be a good one that bring real conversions.

The problem comes when you bring irrelevant traffic to your website (your business).. first you will love the to see the charts in Analytics breaking through the ceiling, hoping that this will materialize one day in conversions.

The problem isn’t that you are not getting results from such traffic. The real problem starts when you resume the your legit marketing approach.

Now you have huge traffic and audience that is pixeled by Google and Facebook for remarketing..

Now you will have to spend your marketing money on ppl who were never interested in your products in the first place and hence will never buy..

Trying to get rid of such audience from your audience buckets is a real pain and will cost you even more money, effort and will need more expertise to do so. Specially that you probably didn’t tag that specific traffic correctly when it all started so that you could easily remove later on.

So what to do?

– First, ask yourself if you really need it

– Begin with a legit source of affiliate and (avoid networks) afterall you are looking for real results, aren’t you?

– Use UTM tags for future segregation

– Monitor closely to see if it is bad traffic to turn it off the soonest possible (bear in mind affiliate network traffic is hard to stop right away, it takes an hour or two if you are lucky!)

– don’t feed your business bad food, and expect it to bring you something good in return.